Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch  
Date Name Information
21/03/2018 2nd Lieut David Paul 00999
21/03/2018 2nd Lieut David Paul 00998
19/03/2018 Pte. John Leslie Leslie – 25th September, killed in action in France, Private John Leslie, 8th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, second son of Robert Leslie, Castledawson, aged 22 years. ‘A brother true, a soldier brave, Sleeps peacefully now in a hero’s grave.’
19/03/2018 Pte. John Leslie 00997
19/03/2018 Pte. John Leslie From the Mid Ulster Mail dated Saturday 23rd October 1915:
17/03/2018 Able Seaman Gerriat Jan Pijl 00996
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro William subsequently went to live and work to Australia. It is believed to have arrived in Australia around 1908.
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro William then went on to work in Penang, in what is now Malaysia, where he remained for a number of years.
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro After completing his education he went to work in Glasgow. While there he joined the Glasgow Volunteers and became sergeant.
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro William was educated in Magherafelt.
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro It appears that Captain Shaw has since been killed.
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro ‘Dear Miss Munro, I should have written to you long ago, but all our Company’s Record Books were lost in the landing, so I did not know who to write to until your letter came. Sergeant Munro was killed in action on Tuesday afternoon, 24th April 1915. He died a most gallant death, and his loss is most keenly felt by both officers and men with whom he was very popular. Sergeant Munro was every inch a soldier, than there is no higher praise, and behalf of myself and all the members of C Company, I render you our sincerest sympathy in the great loss which you and we have sustained. P.S. I divided the good things you sent amongst the members of Sergeant Munro’s platoon.’
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro The receipt of news of the death of Sergeant W A Munro at the Dardanelles shocked the entire community in the district. The deceased was the son of Mr and Mrs Alexander Munro, Rainey Street, and was a great favourite with everyone. After having completed his education in this town he went to Glasgow, having obtained an important position. While there he joined the volunteers and became sergeant. Afterwards he obtained a lucrative position in Penang (Malaysia), where he remained for a number of years, subsequently going to Australia. At the outbreak of war he volunteered for the front, joining the 10th Australian Infantry Regiment. The utmost sympathy is felt for his bereaved parents and sisters. The following letter has been received by the deceased’s sister from Captain Shaw, Officer Commanding C Company, 10th Inst., dated from Kabatepe, Turkey, 27/5/15.
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro 00995
17/03/2018 Sgt. William Henry Munro From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 26th June 1915: Sergeant W A Munro
12/03/2018 Fusilier Robert McLean 00994
12/03/2018 Fusilier Robert McLean Information has been received from the War Office that Fusilier Robert McLean, second son of Mr and Mrs R McLean, Mormeal, aged 20 years, has been killed in action in North West Europe. The deceased and his brother Samuel joined up eleven months ago and served in the same regiment. The latter saw his brother struck by a grenade about fifty yards away, and when he went up to him, he was dead. He saw him buried next day beside a little school at Wouw, Holland.
12/03/2018 Fusilier Robert McLean 00993
12/03/2018 Fusilier Robert McLean From an unknown newspaper: Tobermore Soldier
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