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30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall 00983
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall 00982
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Many thanks to Miriam (Milne?) in Canada who recently carried extensive research into the family for Samuel and Mary’s granddaughter.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Samuel Hugh Hall and Mary Jane Hurl’s daughter, Sarah (Sadie) lived to be 100.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Samuel Hugh Hall’s son Sammy died in 1969, drowned in Toronto, body never found.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Two of Samuel’s sisters also emigrated to Winnipeg and married there.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall After Samuel was killed in action his widow was given his ‘death penny’. She came to Toronto with her two young children in 1918, and married a war veteran from Scotland, David Weston.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall His wife and son visited him in Winnipeg for a few months in 1913, where she became pregnant. She returned to Magherafelt, and her daughter Sarah Marie Hall was born there in 1914.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Their son Samuel was born in Scotland in 1912.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Samuel Hall married Mary Jane Hurl, who was from Magherafelt, but it seems likely that they married in Glasgow in 1911.
30/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Hugh Hall Samuel Hall emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada about 1912.
14/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Charters Samuel travelled with his mother to New Zealand for a visit only but got stuck in the country when war broke out. His mother died in Hastings in 1917.
14/08/2017 Pte. Samuel Charters Samuel Charters was born in Bellaghy on 25th January 1897. He was the youngest of seven sons. He had three sisters.
14/08/2017 Pte. John Charters John Charters worked as a driver for David G Doole (from Portglenone) before he enlisted. David G Doole was his brother-in-law. John’s sister Minnie had married David.
14/08/2017 Pte. John Charters John Charters was born in Bellaghy on 2nd February 1894. He was the sixth of seven sons. He had three sisters.
10/08/2017 R/man Edward Lennox Photo courtesy of North Irish Horse in the Great War.
10/08/2017 R/man Edward Lennox 00981
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